Quick Answer: What Is The Native Resolution Of A Projector?

Native Resolution is the exact number of dots on the physical screen.

If the “Native Resolution” is 1280 x 768, the screen is physically 1280 dots wide and 768 dots tall.

Supported Resolution is the number of dots a monitor can emulate electronically.

What is a good native resolution for a projector?

1280×720: For a long time, this was the most popular home theater projector resolution on the market. Most 1280×720 projectors offer very good to excellent DVD video quality. They also do a beautiful job of displaying 1080-line video, such as the 1080p found on Blu-Ray discs or the 1080i of broadcast HDTV.

Is 800×600 good resolution for a projector?

An 800×600 projector will display less than half of them. Using a 1280×720 resolution movie as an example, a projector set at 800×600 will have to throw away a lot of information, since it’s new job is to display 921,600 pixels (1280. • 720) with less than half that available to it.

What does Native mean in resolution?

The native resolution of a display refers to the resolution at which it should be running. For example, while a 23-inch computer monitor can change to many different resolutions, most should be set to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

What resolution is 800×600?

Screen resolutions – is 800×600 dead? Almost all the web data I have access to (both for my own sites and others) seems to indicate that the 800×600 screen resolution is dead and that 1024×768 is the new 800×600.