Quick Answer: How Many Lumens Should A Classroom Projector Have?


How many lumens do you need for an outdoor projector?

After you have done your best to control the outdoor conditions, use a bright outdoor projector! The more lumens the better. We recommend: 9×5 ft screen – 1500 lumens minimum, 2300 lumens are ideal.

How many lumens do I need for my garage?

Lighting fixtures and bulbs have labels that indicate lumens per device. A general rule of thumb is to use 130 to 150 lumens per square foot of work space. For example, a 40-watt fluorescent bulb puts out about 2,200 lumens. A 60-watt incandescent bulb puts out about 800 lumens.

Is 200 lumens bright enough for a projector?

So for these projectors, brighter is better. Always. Ratings for current palm-top projectors run from well under 100 lumens to somewhat short of 200 lumens. As a rule of thumb again, that’s bright enough even on the low end for at least a 40-inch diagonal image in dim lighting.

Is 5000 lumens good for a projector?

Lumens refer to the amount of light projected by a light source or the unit measure of projected brightness. So, a projector that gives off 1,500 lumens will not be as bright as a projector that gives off 5,000 lumens. Typically, projector customers will think that the brighter a projector can be, the better.

How many lumens do you need to project in daylight?

Brighter rooms need a projector with higher lumens. For dark rooms, 1000 to 1200 lumens should be sufficient, although often classrooms and conference rooms need 2500 lumens or more. In addition, if you are projecting large images clearly, you’ll want a projector with a higher brightness rating.

What is the best projector for daylight?

To help you out with your decision, here are some of the top choices for projectors for daylight viewing.

  • TANGCISON Home Projector Video Projector.
  • 2019 Upgraded ABOX T22 Portable LCD Video Projector.
  • ELEPHAS Projector.
  • Epson Pro EX7260 WXGA 3,600 lumens Color Brightness.
  • EUG 3900 Lumen LED LCD Bluetooth Projector.

How many lumens do I need calculator?

To determine the needed lumens, you will need to multiply your room square footage by your room foot-candle requirement. For example, a 100 square foot living room, which needs 10-20 foot-candles, will need 1,000-2,000 lumens.

How many lumens are required for reading?

How many lumens of light is enough for reading at night or reading in bed? You only need a few lumens focused properly on to the book or the Kindle, that you are reading, so that it is bright enough for you to read without stressing your eyes. Usually, 25 to 50 lumens are enough.

How many lumens is best for reading?

Best Reading Lights for Home Office

A reading light should be bright (with brightness level of at least 3,000 and up to 6,000 Lumens) enough to stimulate your aspiration and creativity, without creating glare on your computer screen or fatigue on your eyes after a brief drift.

What is the highest lumen projector?

1080p Network Projector

The Optoma EH500 will make your presentations shine crystal clear in full high definition. Its powerful 4,700 lumens bright output combined with an outstanding 10,000:1 contrast ratio deliver amazingly bright presentations with vibrant colors and sharp, clear text and graphics.

What’s better DLP or LCD projector?

While LCD projectors have a sharper image and superior picture quality, DLP projectors are lighter, portable, and considered to be more reliable. DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology uses micro-mirrors to project images from a monitor onto a large screen.

What is the best contrast ratio for a projector?

A projector may have a great Lumens rating, but if the contrast ratio is low, your image will look washed out. In a darkened room, a contrast ratio of at least 1,500:1 is good, but 2,000:1 or higher is considered excellent.

Which is better DLP or LCD projector?

There are three main technologies used for projection – DLP, LCD and LED. DLP (Digital Light Processing) uses a chip made of tiny microscopic mirrors and a spinning colour wheel to create an image. On the other hand, LCD projectors use liquid crystal displays, have no moving parts and thus are generally less expensive.

How important are lumens in a projector?

Lumens are the measurement used to measure the brightness of a light from any source, i.e., projectors. The more lumens a light has, the brighter the light is. When it comes to projectors, lumens describe how bright the light coming from the projector lamp is, and how well your image will be displayed on a screen.

How far should a projector be from a 120 inch screen?

Projection Distance

Screen or image size Projection distance (1) Minimum to Maximum Screw hole number (2)
80 inches (203 cm) 97 to 106 inches (248 to 270 cm) 4
100 inches (254 cm) 122 to 133 inches (310 to 338 cm) 3
120 inches (305 cm) 147 to 160 inches (373 to 407 cm) 2
150 inches (381 cm) 184 to 200 inches (467 to 509 cm) 1